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      Individual Sticky Print Sizes & Prices

      4x4"(10.16x10.16cm)AED 4.2
      4x6"(10.16x15.24cm)AED 6.3
      5x5"(12.7x12.7cm)AED 7.35
      5x7"(12.7x17.78cm)AED 10.5
      6x6"(15.24x15.24cm)AED 11.55
      6x8"(15.24x20.32cm)AED 13.65
      8x8"(20.32x20.32cm)AED 17.85
      A4 8x10"(20.32x25.4cm)AED 22.05
      A4 8x11"(21x29.7cm)AED 25.2
      8x12"(20.32x30.48cm)AED 26.25
      10x12"(25.4x30.48cm)AED 31.5
      12x12"(30.48x30.48cm)AED 38.85
      A3 11x16.5"(29.7x42cm)AED 47.25
      12x16"(30.48x40.64cm)AED 52.5
      16x16"(40.64x40.64cm)AED 68.25
      16x20"(40.64x50.8cm)AED 84
      A2 17x23"(43.18x59.4cm)AED 105
      20x20"(50.8x50.8cm)AED 110.25
      20x28"(50.8x71.12cm)AED 152.25
      A1 23x33"(59.4x84cm)AED 204.75
      28x28"(71.12x71.12cm)AED 210
      24x36"(61x91.44cm)AED 236.25
      20x40"(71.12x101.6cm)AED 262.5
      40x40"(101.6x101.6cm)AED 378

      Prices including VAT

      For custom sizes please call +9714 4458488


      Order a ready design set or individual prints.

      Individual Prints

      Individual Sticky Prints

      24 sizes to choose from
      Order single or multiple sizes in a single order.
      See price table below

      Heart Set

      Sticky Prints Heart Set

      Total number of prints: 27
      Total size: 112 x 96cm**
      Price: AED 297  AED 282.45*

      Corner Set

      Sticky Prints Corner Set

      Total number of prints: 14
      Total size: 121 x 97cm**
      Price: AED 278  AED 261.45*

      Grid Set

      Sticky Prints Grid Set

      Total number of prints: 10
      Total size: 135 x 86cm**
      Price: AED 448  AED 418.95*

      Montage Set

      Sticky Prints Montage Set

      Total number of prints: 13
      Total size: 84 x 84cm**
      Price: AED 269  AED 250.95*

      Castle Set

      Sticky Prints Castle Set

      Total number of prints: 25
      Total size: 159 x 135cm**
      Price: AED 389  AED 366.45*

      Cluster Set

      Sticky Prints Cluster Set

      Total number of prints: 9
      Total size: 104 x 93cm**
      Price: AED 234  AED 208.95*

      Mix 'n' Match Set

      Sticky Prints Mix n Match Set

      Total number of prints: 9
      Total size: 120 x 95cm**
      Price: AED 244  AED 229.95*

      City Scape Set

      Sticky Prints City Scape Set

      Total number of prints: 10
      Total size: 116 x 85cm**
      Price: AED 233  AED 208.95*

      Instagram Set

      Sticky Prints Instagram Set

      Total number of prints: 35
      Total size: 68 x 68cm**
      Price: AED 245  AED 229.95*

      Stairway Set

      Sticky Prints Stairway Set

      Total number of prints: 17
      Total size: 171 x 125cm**
      Price: AED 254  AED 240.45*

      *All prices including VAT. **Includes 1cm space between images.

      Important: Please check your image crops to avoid unusual cuts. You are about to upload photos, a good internet speed is recommended.

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