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      The hassle-free way to decorate your walls.

      Try the easy-to-use Sticky Prints

      • Sticks on walls, doors, glass and clean flat surfaces.

      • Can be removed and reused several times.

      • Leaves no stains or marks if removed.

      • Sticky prints are tear and water resistant.

      • Works well with both professional and phone images.

      • Order using your phone, tablet or computer.

      • Can be stored on wax/butter paper for future reuse.

      • High-quality printing in matt finish.

      • Available in fixed and custom sizes.






      Hanging photo frames can be time-consuming, challenging and messy. You need to find a frame, get the right size print, mount it, mark and drill the walls, repair wall damage if any, clean up and finally hang the frame and hope its not crooked.

      With Sticky Prints all you only need to do is peel and stick your prints to the wall – thats it! For added pleasure you could remove and re-stick till satisfied – it leaves no marks.

      Hanging frame

      Sticky Prints in Action

      Can I stick these prints to any surface?

      Sticky prints stick to painted walls, glass, wood and most smooth, oil & dust-free surfaces.

      Does it leave marks when removed?

      We guarantee no glue stains or damage to well-painted walls when removed. Make sure your hands are clean while applying and removing the prints.

      Will the print tear if I remove it?

      The prints are tear-resistant and require extraordinary effort to tear them. If you need to resize a print, we recommend using a sharp scissor or cutting blade.

      How often can I remove and reuse Sticky Prints?

      Sticky Prints can be removed and reused several times as long as the surfaces you stick them on are clean.

      Can I store used prints?

      Yes, you can. Keep the original backing paper or use waxy baking paper to store used prints.

      Are the prints waterproof?

      These prints are water-resistant but not waterproof. Accidental splashes can be wiped off with a clean cloth without affecting the print.

      How long will it take to receive my order?

      Sticky Prints ship within five working days. If you require it urgently, we recommend choosing to collect at check out. You will receive an email as soon as your prints get couriered or are ready for collection.

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