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      Wedding Album Covers

      Create a custom cover from a range of materials and finishes that match your style.

      Cover Material Choices

      Smooth, soft leatherette with a mild stucco print

      Sandy Beige

      Sandy Beige

      Fossil Brown

      Fossil Brown

      Ginger Brown

      Ginger Brown

      Baby Pink

      Baby Pink

      Black Slate

      Black Slate

      Dark Brown

      Dark Brown

      Elephant Grey

      Elephant Grey

      Baby Blue

      Baby Blue

      Leatherette textures with unique patterns for an inspiring story.

      Sand Roots

      Sand Roots

      Silver Roots

      Silver Roots

      Black Roots

      Black Roots

      Highly durable long lasting leatherette for a traditional look.

      White Leather


      Cream Leather


      Beige Leather


      Red Leather


      Black Leather


      Brown Leather


      A delicate skin-like texture leatherette for an exquisite feel of richness.

      Pearl Leather


      Bronze Leather


      Gold Leather


      Silver Leather


      Black Leather


      The suede has an elegant feel that's delightful to touch.

      Moss Green Suede

      Moss Green

      Honey Yellow Suede

      Honey Yellow

      Chinchilla Brown Suede

      Chinchilla Brown

      Taupe Brown Suede

      Taupe Brown

      Mud Brown Suede

      Mud Brown

      Gargoyle Grey Suede

      Gargoyle Grey

      Pewter Grey Suede

      Pewter Grey

      Onyx Black Suede

      Onyx Black

      A timeless elegant texture with a resistance to scuffs and scratches.

      Premium Linen Off White

      Off White

      Premium Linen Grey


      Premium Linen Beige


      Album Page Styles

      The album opens flat without a visible spine and is printed in high definition in amazing colours, pin sharpness and crisp contrast with perfect skin tones.

      The inside covers are finished in black velvet, adding a touch of softness and luxury to your elegant Premium Album.

      Single or Double Page Thickness

      Single Thickness
      Single Thickness

      Choose single thickness (.09mm) for your album pages when you require a lighter feel or if the number of pages exceeds 40.

      Double Thickness
      Double Thickness

      Pick double thickness (1.5 mm) for a traditional heavy looking album page or when your total number of pages are less than 40.

      Types of paper

      The paper differences although very subtle create a huge impact on the feel and look of the album.

      Photo Lustre Paper
      Photo Lustre Paper

      Photo Lustre is a scratch resistance paper with excellent haptic performance. The speckled surface showcases incredible detail, vivid colours and consistency in every viewing angle.

      Silk Photo Paper
      Silk Photo Paper

      Silk photo paper has a fine hexagonal silk-like structure for a luxurious touch. It shows vivid colours and produces excellent detail with the advantage of a lower surface sheen.

      Wedding Album Page Designs

      The designer software has a range of ready templates that can be completely customised to suit your requirements.

      Album packaging

      The album packaging is designed to give you a hint of what's to come. By using the album cover material for the box, the packaging becomes part of the story.

      A choice of natural or black finish wood is available for the sides. Combine this with a gold, silver or black ribbon to use as a tie-down for the lid. Add an extra touch by foil stamping the names on the top (available on selected materials).

      Sizes & Prices

      A3 Landscape starting from AED 777 for 20 Pages
      A3 Landscape
      30x30cm Square starting from AED 619 for 20 Pages
      30x30cm Square
      A4 Landscape starting from AED 451 for 20 Pages
      A4 Landscape
      21x21cm Square starting from AED 362 for 20 Pages
      21x21cm Square
      A5 Landscape starting from AED 267 for 20 Pages
      A5 Landscape
      15x15cm Square starting from AED 231 for 20 Pages
      15x15cm Square

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      Ladies Only Production
      Ladies only production
      • For those who need it, our professional ladies only team can service, print, produce and package your order.

      • Ladies only orders are separated and handled differently from the moment they are received.

      • Shipments and deliveries get an extra cover layer to maintain privacy.

      Exclusive offers
      Exclusive offers
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      Free Design Service & Assistance
      Free Design Service & Assistance
      • Need help designing? Our team of experienced designers can design for you for free.

      • If you love designing, our easy-to-use software has 300+ ready templates that can be customised.

      • Our 5-star rated customer service can be reached via phone, email, whats-app and live chat all week to support you with your requirements.

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