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      Enlarge your favorite photos on Poster prints

      Got an IKEA frame, need a print?

      Poster prints are available in sizes that are a perfect match for your IKEA frames. These posters are printed on matt paper to reduce glare with ten Ultra Chrome inks that produce an enormous amount of detail. Once mounted and placed behind a glass surface, the poster is automatically protected and magically takes on the gloss, matt or anti-glare property of the glass. 300 DPI images, at actual size, print the best, but you will still get good results with lower quality images provided it is focused and has details.


      Poster Prints Sizes and Prices

      Portrait and Landscape
      Portrait / Landscape Poster Prints
      8x11"(21x29.7cm - A4)AED 21
      12x16"(30x40cm)AED 42
      11x16"(29.7x42cm - A3)AED 42
      16x20"(40x50cm)AED 52.5
      17x23"(42x59.4cm - A2)AED 63
      20x28"(50x70cm)AED 68.25
      23x33"(59.4x84cm - A1)AED 94.5
      24x36"(61x91cm)AED 105

      Square Poster Prints
      12x12"(30x30cm)AED 31.5
      20x20"(50x50cm)AED 63
      28x28"(70x70cm)AED 94.5
      Prices including VAT

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