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      What makes these Photo books Impressive?

      Flat Books

      These photo books open flat so you can add images across the spread.

      Flat Books
      The pages are 1mm thick, making it easier to turn and view.
      Flat Books
      Printed in high definition on photo lustre paper for better colours.
      Flat Books
      Longlasting foil stamped leatherette or laminated printed covers.


      Sizes and Prices

      Add up to 100 pages in a single album.

      Flat Books Sizes

      Printed hardcover with 20 pages

      15x15cmAED 157.5
      A5AED 194.25
      21x21cmAED 257.25
      A4AED 346.5
      30x30cmAED 504
      A3AED 640.5

      Leatherette cover with 20 pages

      15x15cmAED 294
      A5AED 336
      21x21cmAED 409.5
      A4AED 504
      30x30cmAED 672
      A3AED 819

      Additional cost per page

      15x15cmAED 6
      A5AED 7.5
      21x21cmAED 10
      A4AED 14
      30x30cmAED 21
      A3AED 27

      Prices including VAT

      Photo books online

      How to create a photo book online


      1. Start by adding up to 70 photos. More photos can be uploaded once the first batch uploads.
      2. Drag any of the ready templates on to the page.
      3. Add your photos and a background if you like. Move on to the next page - It is that simple.

      To customise a page you need to activate Advanced Editing on any tablet or computer.


      Examples of Online Photobooks

      What about the quality of my photos?

      If your image resolution is low, the software will indicate this with an exclamation mark. Low-resolution images will still print but look softer.

      For images that appear dull on your screen, we recommend checking ON the Auto Image Enhance tool at checkout. Auto-enhance works on most dull photos.

      Riot does not colour correct photos. So make sure you have a calibrated monitor. For those who do not have a calibration device we suggest doing the following: Bring your monitor brightness down to simulate how images print on paper. Remember print does not show the same brightness levels as screens.

      Several sites show you how to calibrate your screen on Windows and Mac without a calibration device. Use any one – although the results may vary without a calibration device.

      Riot uses the highest industrial photo printing standards to calibrate and profile its machines to give you accurate print results.

      How long will it take to receive my book?

      It will take a maximum of seven working days from the time you place your order. You can also select the Urgent option to have your book ready in two working days.

      If you have opted for courier, please add two days to the process. We recommend collecting for urgent orders.

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