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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      • What resolution should my photo be to make a canvas?

        This depends on the canvas size. Canvas even allows lower resolution images to look good because of its texture.  If the resolution of your image is lower than Riot minimum print requirement for canvas (150 dpi, at actual size) a warning exclamation will appear. You can still choose to print – just be aware that a lower resolution image will result in a softer print. Here are some basic guidelines for canvas prints.

        2 megapixel images can print up to 30x20cm canvas before they begin to appear soft.

        5 megapixel images can print up to 40x30cm canvas before they begin to appear soft.

        8 megapixel images can print up to 50x40cm canvas before they begin to appear soft.

        12 megapixel images can print up to 50x70cm canvas before they begin to appear soft.

        16 megapixel images can print up to 100x70cm canvas before they begin to appear soft.

        At 24 megapixels and above, softness creeps in beyond prints of 1mx1m on canvas.

      • My web page with my project seems frozen, what should I do?

        This happens when there is insufficient upload band width while uploading photos.  Although you are connected to the internet the uploading speed varies dramatically (as opposed to a downloading speed, which is usually stable).  The online software saves every 5 minutes to prevent complete loss. Use one of the steps below to continue with your project.

        • Refresh the page.
        • Relaunch your browser, log into your account using the account link, reopen your online project.
        • Log in from a different device.

        Please check if all the photos are uploaded before continuing.

        Contact Riot Customer Service for further assistance if you need it.

      • How will my colours look in print?

        Riot does not colour correct your projects. So make sure you have a calibrated monitor. There are several calibration devices available on the market for professionals. For those who do not have a calibration device we suggest doing the following:

        1. Bring your monitor brightness down. This will help you simulate how images print on paper. Remember print does not have the same brightness as your screen.
        2. For images that appear dull on your screen we recommend using the Auto Image Enhance tool in the software at checkout.
        3. There are several sites that show you how to calibrate your screen on Windows and Mac without a calibration device. Use any one – although the results may vary without a calibration device.

        Riot uses industrial photo print standards to calibrate and profile its print machines and these standards are used for all printing.

      • What is the cost of shipping for canvas within the UAE, and how long does it take?

        You will receive an email when your canvas is ready for collection or is shipped. It takes 3 working days to be ready from time of upload. The cost of shipping within UAE for a canvas print is AED 48. International shipping rates vary based on fuel surcharge, weight and volume and can be provided on request.

      • How do I pay for my product?

        Riot offers two methods of payment.

        Credit Card
        Riot use Payfort which is linked to RAKBANK for online transactions. Payfort does the credit card processing for you where financial security is their highest priority. We store no credit card details with us.

        Bank Transfer
        If you prefer to not use a credit card online you can make your payment by using money transfer to Riot’s bank account.

        Currencies accepted:
        AED (Arab Emirates Dirhams)

        Account name: Riot Photography DMCC
        Account Number : 0032-272324-001
        Bank Name : National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah (RAKBANK)
        Branch : Emaar Business Park
        Swift Code : NRAKAEAK
        IBAN : AE430400000032272324001

        Riot does not process jobs until full payment is received in advance.

      • Сost and shipping?

        Riot ships to the following countries Bahrain, Egypt, India, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, UAE and UK. Minimum shipping rates are listed below. Prices vary according to the size and weight of book, number of copies and pages.

        Bahrain – AED36
        Egypt – AED68
        India – AED28
        Kuwait – AED36
        Oman – AED36
        Pakistan – AED36
        Qatar – AED36
        Saudi Arabia – AED68
        Sri lanka – AED68
        UAE – AED24
        United Kingdom – AED68

        * These are the minimum shipping fees for most products and are subject to change according to the size, number of copies and pages of your product.

        The shipping fees do not include any custom duty that may incur in your respective country. Delivery times range from 4 to 10 working days depending on your region.

      • How can I order more copies on an old project?

        If you wish to make changes and order more copies on an old project then:
        a) Launch Riot Designer.
        b) Select the project that you wish to re-print, and click on duplicate project.
        c) Rename the duplicate project, you are free to edit this project and upload again.

        Alternatively if you require an exact copy call us on +9714 4458488 with the job number and we will assist you in your order.

      • Do you offer bulk discounts?

        Yes we do. As you increase the number of copies in your order, our system will automatically offer you a bulk discount. For bulk orders of 100 copies or more for a single project, please contact us on or call us on +9714 4458488