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      Enhance your space with stunning, frameless Acrylic Prints.

      Exquisite Elegance

      Exquisite Elegance

      Experience modern, frameless, floating acrylic prints that exude sophistication and style.

      No Nails, No Mess

      No Nails, No Mess

      Our EZY hanger allows you to effortlessly mount your frame in minutes—no nails required.

      Fast & Free Delivery

      Fast & Free Delivery

      Enjoy complimentary shipping to your doorstep anywhere in the UAE within just 3 business days.

      Simple, Secure & Striking

      Mounting your 4mm thick gallery-grade acrylic print is a breeze with the EZY hanger, which ensures a secure fit without wall damage.

      1. Peel removable film on back of the hanger.

      2. Stick hanger and press firmly to wall for 10 seconds and wait 1 hour for adhesive to stick.

      3. Hang Print.

      Ezy Hang

      EZY HANG

      Choose Your Style and
      Love Every Moment

      Which surfaces are compatible with the EZY HANG?

      EZY HANG adheres to most smooth, oil-free, and powder-free surfaces, including smooth painted walls, glass, marble, polished wood, and metal. However, it is not recommended for natural brick, rough or textured walls, or wallpapers. For these surfaces, traditional screws are advised.

      How soon can I expect my order?

      We deliver within 3 working days in the UAE. Please note that we are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

      Can the EZY hanger be removed from the wall?

      Yes, simply hold the metal hanger firmly and pull the tab straight down. This will release the hook without damaging the wall. Ensure to follow these steps to avoid injury or wall damage.

      How can I order additional EZY hangers?

      You can purchase a set of 3 hangers for AED 35, with free shipping within the UAE. Our hangers are specifically tested with our products, and we do not recommend using them for anything other than EZY HANG prints. Riot is not liable for damage caused by overloading or improper use.

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