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      Please upload your photos before 20 May 2020

      Dear Parent,

      The class is putting together an unforgettable memory book. This is a one-of-a-kind keepsake that your child will go to year after year.

      Unlike the regular school yearbooks, this memory book is specifically created for your child and his/her class friends. Your child will relate to the photos and feature in many of them. These extraordinary hardcover books use a unique print process – They have brilliant colours, do not fade and last for years, making them a pleasure to view time and time again.

      If you love to own a copy, please fill in your details and upload up to 5 photos of your child for their profile page (see the section on types of photos).

      We have special discounts this year. Price per copy is further reduced based on the number of participants, so reach out to all the parents you know. An indication of cost can be seen in the table below.

      Designing will commence after the given deadline and when total payment is received. Before printing, we will send out an online preview for comments and error correction.

      We look forward to creating a valuable memory book for your child.

      Riot Team

      How much will it cost?

      In order to assist you this year, we have reduced the cost per copy, and will design the book for Free. If more parents participate in the class, you receive further discounts. Here is a price table to get an idea of cost:

      A4 hardcover book
      10 to 19 copiesAED 264
      20 to 29 copiesAED 233
      30+ copiesAED 203


      Prices are for 60 pages (30 sheets) on 170 gsm semigloss paper, includes VAT and shipping to your home in UAE.

      What kind of photos should I upload of my child?

      If you have pictures of them at school, please upload those first. You can also upload images of them with their class friends, photos of projects or even recent pictures of them at home. Make sure you upload at least one clear photo of your child. The images will be used to create a profile page of your child.

      Senior Class

      Senior Class

      Do I need professional photos or will phone images also work?

      What matters is the memory. Smartphone images work well and often showcase a true story. Professional images are good and can be used but are not necessary.

      Can I upload additional photos of school events?

      If you do have additional photos let us know in the form. We are happy to create separate event sections in the book where other parents can contribute too.



      Is there a special section for the teachers to write a few words to the class?

      We absolutely encourage you to get the teachers to contribute. They can also provide photos of themselves, members of staff and more.

      What about the design?

      Riot will design your class book pages similar to the samples above. An online preview will be available for everyone to view. If you prefer a completely custom layout, we can provide you with the content and our free software for you to design. You will still receive the above discount based on the numbers you order.

      Can we order additional copies?

      Yes, you can purchase extra copies along with your order. Each parent will be sent an online payment link.


      You can find sponsorship and reduce the cost of the class book. Offer the back cover of the class book to the sponsor. This is going to be an album that will never be forgotten - its genuinely worth the exposure.

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