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      Easy collage canvas printing in the UAE

      Ready templates - just add your favorite photos!

      What makes it the best canvas print?

      Canvas Feature 1
      Get premium matt canvas that looks luxurious and lasts for years.
      Canvas Feature 2
      Choose white, black or image wrap for the sides of the canvas.
      Canvas Feature 3
      Stretched on lightweight Canadian pine wood with easy to hang fixtures.


      Examples of Canvas Styles


      Canvas Sizes and Prices

      Portrait and Landscape
      Portrait / Landscape Canvas
      8x12"(20x30cm)AED 190
      8x16"(20x40cm)AED 210
      12x16"(30x40cm)AED 220
      16x20"(40x50cm)AED 300
      16x28"(40x70cm)AED 400
      20x28"(50x70cm)AED 420
      16x40"(40x100cm)AED 550
      20x40"(50x100cm)AED 570
      28x40"(70x100cm)AED 590

      Square Canvas
      8x8"(20x20cm)AED 150
      12x12"(30x30cm)AED 210
      16x16"(40x40cm)AED 230
      20x20"(50x50cm)AED 320
      24x24"(60x60cm)AED 380
      28x28"(70x70cm)AED 450
      40x40"(100x100cm)AED 640
      Prices excluding VAT
      What we do to make your canvas print look impressive!
      • Your photos are printed on a premium canvas. The matte texture prevents glare, gives it a luxurious look, easy to maintain and lasts for years.

      • The stretching frame is Canadian pine wood which is extremely durable and lightweight.

      • We added tension bars so your canvas will always stay drum tight and never sag.

      • Riot gives you your canvas with easy to hang fixtures which makes the process of hanging quick and straightforward.

      How many images can I add to a collage canvas?

      There are no limits to the number of images. Based on the size you can pick between a single image or montage templates for a muti-photo canvas. You can also use the advanced feature on a computer to customise and create your collage.

      Can I add text on my canvas?

      You can create your canvas order with your mobile phone. Open your project on a computer to use advanced features which allow you to add text, shadows or change the shape of picture boxes.

      How long does it take for delivery and how much does it cost?

      Canvases are shipped within four working days. Please give the courier an additional two days for delivery. The cost of delivery to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates is between AED 25 to AED 60 depending on the size.

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