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      Unrivaled Acrylic printing in Dubai, UAE

      Acrylic Prints

      When you are looking for unmatched clarity, nothing beats the crystal clear details you get in Acrylic prints. A perfect choice for highly detailed wall decor.
      Acrylic Feature 1
      The pressure sensitive coating results in spectacular crystal clear Acrylic prints.
      Acrylic Feature 2
      10 colour high dynamic range inks produce an astounding colour gamut and detail.
      Acrylic Feature 3
      An unseen bonus is the no-fuss easy to hang system that requires minimal effort.




      Like a particular image but don’t have it? We'll get it for you.

      Whether it's a landscape, landmark or something abstract, just give us a brief description and leave it to us. We have access to vast image libraries that may just have what you need. We have printing rights so just send us the details and leave the rest to us.

      To find out more call or Whatsapp us on
      +971 55 910 7327

      Acrylic Prints Sizes and Prices

      Portrait and Landscape
      Portrait / Landscape Acrylic Prints
      8x12"(20x30cm)AED 231
      12x16"(30x40cm)AED 357
      16x20"(40x50cm)AED 525
      20x28"(50x70cm)AED 840

      Square Acrylic Prints
      8x8"(20x20cm)AED 189
      12x12"(30x30cm)AED 294
      16x16"(40x40cm)AED 441
      20x20"(50x50cm)AED 630

      Prices including VAT
      What is a Riot Acrylic print?

      We take your images and turn them into modern wall prints. The front surface is a gallery-quality 3mm crystal clear acrylic. A ten ink HD print is then sandwiched between the acrylic and a 3mm black high-density PVC sheet using a pressure-sensitive film. Finally, to give it a floating illusion aluminium hanging tracks are attached to the back. The tracks also provide stability, prevent warping over time and make it extremely easy to hang. We also provide a thicker acrylic front surface if needed, keep in mind acrylic print can get relatively heavy as they get larger.

      Where are your Acrylic prints made?

      We guarantee that every step of the process is handled in-house right here in Dubai, UAE. Doing this allows us to maintain colour accuracy, vibrancy and quality control for permanence (ie. colour fading over time). Every acrylic print is inspected to ensure it is free of defects and is of the highest quality.

      What is the difference between our acrylic prints other acrylic printing on the market?

      There is an enormous difference between Acrylic prints by Riot and Acrylic done in the market. The market uses direct UV printing direct to acrylic, this often looks like a colour laser print behind glass. You see the printed dots, and in most instances banding in gradients. If you do not care about colour accuracy, vibrancy, and permanence this may work. The process we use involves five layers, it is more labour-intensive but produces an astounding outcome. Riot acrylics have an enormous colour range to create smooth continuous tones, the pressure sensitive film creates a crystal clear, eye-popping acrylic print. You will not find many companies doing it. It isn’t an easy process, but the end outcome is well worth it.

      What is the production time?

      Need your order within a certain time frame for an event, birthday or special occasion then understanding how we operate is important. We queue every job as it is received, we also accept urgent production for an additional fee, products are then shipped after they are made. If you need it urgently it is best to discuss your timeline with us and get prior confirmation. Once we commit to a deadline we make it a point to deliver. Our standard production time is five working days. For urgent orders we recommend collecting – shipping can add more days. Time frames may change slightly during the holiday season.

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