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      What are Acrylic Photoblocks?

      Memento Acrylic Photo Block

      The 20mm crystal clear diamond polished acrylic looks stylish and is freestanding.
      Memento Acrylic Photo Block

      The print is protected between a thick acrylic and a non-PVC backing to increase lifespan.
      Memento Acrylic Photo Block

      The Photoblocks come in a beautiful box with protective packing that is ready to gift.

      Acrylic Photoblock Sizes & Prices

      Memento Photo Block Sizes
      Portrait / Landscape Photoblocks
      6x4"(15x10cm)AED 178.50
      8x6"(20x15cm)AED 199.50

      Square Photoblocks
      4x4"(10x10cm)AED 157.50
      8x8"(20x20cm)AED 246.75
      Prices including VAT


      How long does it take?

      Our standard production time is five working days or two working days for urgent orders. For urgent orders we recommend collecting – couriers can occasionally delay and add more days. Time frames may change during the holiday season.

      Will a low-resolution image work?

      The software warns you if the photo is low resolution. A low-resolution image looks softer compared to a high-res but will still work.

      How do you take care of an Acrylic Photoblock?

      To preserve the look of your Photoblock, follow these simple tips!
      Use a soft, dry microfiber cloth similar to the ones used for cleaning eyeglasses to avoid scratching the delicate acrylic surface.
      Your acrylic block is highly durable and will last longer if kept in the right place. Keep the block away from high moisture, humidity and direct sunlight. Avoid placing the front face on any surface that may scratch it.
      Avoid ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners and paper towels. Polish if mildly scratched using a plastic polisher/cleaner which is ammonia and alcohol-free to avoid damaging the acrylic and print.

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