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      Riot Photo Books

      Get a little insight into what is Riot and why we are good at making your photo products come to life.


      The word "Riot", is used to describe a mixture of colours or intense emotions, and a profusion of activity: that fits precisely with what we do.

      Photographs evoke an abundance of emotions and the albums we make with your photos showcase an astounding range of colours in the crispiest quality. We are pleased to be part of your experience; we are proud to be Riot.

      A reason to start Riot!

      While attending a photography trade show in Germany, we realised that we had a fundamental understanding of the technology and decided to venture into the photo printing market. By investing in some of the best systems, we were able to offer outstanding solutions at affordable prices. Riot launched in 2009 with a small range of products. Over the years we have added and refined the lineup. We are proud to say we are the first in the region to provide exceptional quality and service online.

      We are grateful to companies like Epson, Konica Minolta, Noritsu, Felix Scholler, Imaging Solutions, Pinnacle Systems and others for their tremendous support. They recognise our passion and share our love for great product and quality. Most of all, we are grateful to our loyal customers who keep coming back for more and spread the word.

      Highlights & Awards

      Our awards are the tears of joy; the fantastic 'thank yous' and the regular flow of unsolicited gifts and chocolates we receive from our customers!

      Some of our client's testimonies:

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